I started

shooting boudoir after a personal sort of empowerment path. It was all about finding myself and the new me I discovered made a high positive impact on my life, and my creativity. When I found out about boudoir, I immediately looked beyond the sexy images. It was a chance for every woman to experience freedom, to not be judged, and to play with themselves, feel the permission to be silly, sexy, playful, and oh so charming.

This was

the case of a young woman who was in search of a healthy dose of self esteem. I asked her to collect in advance a few images she considered beautiful if she has any (this helps me a lot in connecting me with the client) and we worked to create a few light and airy sets and finished with something more moody and it was the part most felt for her, where she could truly feel her inner Afrodite. My psychology studies help me on a daily basis to let the client feel at ease and keep the session going at everyone’s pace and every client I receive, leave thanking me and they all say it’s something everyone should do. Feels good, because empowerment comes for both parts.